- Our MISSION is global -

   Our KNOW-HOW is multiple

From harvest to delivery, we ensure the sum of several trades.

The TERROIR as a first inspiration

QUALITY remains the guarantee


"A paradise between earth and sky,
where the alchemy of perfumes is created. "


As with great wines, lavender

and lavendin require the best terroirs.

The quality depends on the altitude, the soil and the climate specific to each variety.
To guarantee the exceptional harvest, succeed
the best vintages and millesime, we

have learned to harvest at the best time,
respecting the times of nature.
Unesco Biosphere Reserve, one of
the purest ecosystems in the world, make our fields pesticide-free sanctuaries.
We harvest at ideal altitudes Fine Lavender (1100m) and Lavandin (hybrid) (500m) in a traditional way with great care.
Thus, our harvests come only from the natural habitates of existence for each variety.
Lavandin, for example, only grows naturally in France, because it
is a specific geographical hybrid, resulting from the crossing
at intermediate altitude (between the Mediterranean and the Alps) of the two species of lavender (angustifolia & latifolia).

"The happiness of associating the right gesture with beautiful lavender & ribbons materials".

Sourcing materials, whether agricultural
or textile, means learning several trades.
We must master the fundamental processes.
Thus, sourcing and selecting are true acts of our everyday work. We master
from A to Z the development of
our perfume bouquets, from their origin in the fields to the user. Each choice, each gesture, has a direct impact on quality. This is why after long years of research we have drawn up our QAM (Quality Assurance Manual) and scrupulously respect 22 control points, which guarantee
our exceptional finish.

For example, the dimensions of our pieces depend on the lengths of the stems, and therefore of the harvested species.
It is lavandins that make it possible to create large pieces. Lavender stems being shorter allow for the smaller dimensions.
As in any art, all that is small
is harder to do, and requires
a rare dexterity.

"Even if it means doing something,
do it well ... "


A work of art is above all a profession of passion. It is that, which pulls us up.

The skilled hand performs the gesture, the weaving is more or less difficult to achieve
depending on the quality of the ribbon. It is the agility of mind and ingenuity in action that allows us to create, to invent, to find the right solution, and to write the rules of art.

FRANC1884, is a source of ideas for interiors and the art of living, and responds to current desires for nature and elegance.

Innovation is at the heart of our vocation,
and for over 16 years we have been exploring, and sometimes achieving amazing things.

We are ready to share with you,
and if you wish, to "integrate" you into our research. The possibilities are multiple, and
sometimes shake up established conformisms.
The most diverse fields open all doors to the future: hospitality, the arts, events, health, etc .

With you we will continue to live
an amazing story.

So our adventure travels in time and space

An eternal need for nature.

From the ice of the North to the heat of the South, from my long journeys,
I have warm the memory of feeling welcome by populations and the moving impact of perfumes.
Seafarers taught me to
"Do well" for the benefit of all. Now my life has meaning only through the exchange with others.
The following years were spent as an engineer in industry, energy and civil nuclear power plants, where I learned about the quality requirement.
But I miss nature every day.

Twenty years ago, here I am finally in Provence. The magic operates again, when a neighbor welcomes me by offering me a spindle of lavender: a powerful gesture, because it is "all of Provence that welcomes me".
I therefore want to make this gesture a strong vector in my life, because I want to live it open to all ...

an olfactory heritage, the new way

As a teenager I worked in the family distillery founded in Revel in 1884, "breathing" smells passed down from generation to generation.
In Provence, all the natural smells of plants distilled by my ancestors
came back to me like an obvious olfactory heritage. Indeed, peppermint and
lavender are from the same family (lamiaceae).
Here I find my new path: smells and nature, to share with others ...
Naturally, art invites itself into adventure, the art of living, the art of creation, the art of lavender and ribbons, the learning of knowledge, innovation, to finally unveil a unique identity. She is all tied
to a heritage of France, Provence, and cultures around the Mediterranean ...
Everything has to be done !

" An art that has life does not reproduce the past, it continues it " A.Rodin

The Lavender Wands are an astonishing source of inspiration. Over time, I understand how wonderful these objects are. Provencal art and signature
olfactory for the whole world, it carries the values of sharing and excellence.
They embrace our times: the smells to breathe must be good for body and soul. As at sea, in the forest or in the mountains, your body knows how to breathe deeply. In airport perfumeries or elsewhere, he doesn't, because he knows he shouldn't. Today good news! Breathe well, it is now possible.

Human experience through the ages has made it possible to know how much well-being, happiness and hospitality contribute to creating bridges and Peace, between peoples and continents. Also, wearing perfumes has a beautiful destiny.


We create "The BOUQUETS de PARFUMS" because fragrances create links

Whatever the country, the meeting, the culture, the religion, the language, gender, skin color, or social differences ...

Perfumes are a universal language.

This is why, whatever the shape of the bouquets, as Lavender Wands, or Lavender Spindles, or Lavender Balls

the goal remains the same:

welcome, share and offer natural smells,

"A rare object"


these paths have always guided towards the light

The Phoenician sailors have made known the smells and flavors that have become famous in the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia… and the perfumes have remained a symbol of welcome.


Through time

The art of perfume progressed and throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, a craze spread. Grasse becomes the capital of perfumes and lavender
from Provence reveals an
exceptional terroir

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